The longer termites go undetected in your house or commercial property the more damage they can cause.

Termites also known as “white ants”, due to their pale appearance are insects that cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to Australian houses each year. Many homeowners worry about fire or flooding, but termite damage by white ants is actually much more common.

Termite damage can, in severe cases cause your home to become structurally unstable. Although some structures are more prone to termite attack, every house is susceptible to a termite invasion.

Termite Inspections

The longer termites go undetected in your house or commercial property the more damage they can cause. Regular termite inspections will detect termite activity and prevent further damage.

Cruice Pest Control prides itself on performing thorough termite inspections and we use the latest technology in termite detection equipment including thermal imaging cameras.

A written report in compliance with Australian Standards is also issued on all Termite Inspections. An inspection and written report can inform you about current termite activity, previous timber damage and areas likely to pose a risk in the future.

In accordance with Australian Standards AS3660 it is recommended that properties be inspected every 12 months for termites and higher risk properties be inspected more frequently.

Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

A Timber Pest Inspection is imperative when purchasing a property. Before making one of the most important decisions in your life “buying a house or commercial property”, we strongly recommend that you obtain a thorough Timber Pest Inspection by a competent licensed and Insured Timber Pest Inspector.

Cruice Pest Control prides itself on offering honest and reliable advice to house and commercial property buyers in Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Brisbane and surrounding suburbs based upon the findings of a Timber Pest Inspection. We take the trouble out of organising pre-purchase inspections by liaising with building inspectors and real estate agents.

We encourage buyers to be on site during the Pre-Purchase Inspection so that we can explain findings face to face and discuss any concerns buyers may have.

Termite Management Systems

Cruice Pest Control can offer a variety of termite management options tailored to suit your needs.

Cruice Pest Control termite technicians are fully trained and qualified for a huge range of Termite Management options at your house or commercial property ranging from: In ground Reticulation piping systems, Termiticide applications (barriers), Foaming, dusting, Homeguard Pre-Construction, Exterra Termite interception and bating systems just to name a few.

We offer no obligation free quotes.

Call (07) 3813 0133 now to obtain a price for an inspection or for a no obligation free quote on a termite management system.

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