Spiders are common domestic and commercial pests as they are in close proximity to humans as they shelter under seats, toys, bikes and other outdoor equipment.

Some species infamous bites and toxic venom, have given the ‘spider’, especially the redback spider, a publicly high pest status in Australia. Many spiders maintain their livelihood by capturing and devouring prey in their web.

Buildings offer a variety of locations suitable for spider habitats, protected, with a crack for retreat and areas to span for webbing. Houses and commercial buildings often acquire a build-up of spider webs which becomes a nuisance for people.

Spider webs not only provide a ‘nuisance’ aspect for a person but also the spiders themselves provide a threat to a person’s health. There have been cases of death and severe illness in children and adults by spider bites in Australia.

Effective control of spiders around buildings relies on the application by a Pest Control Technician of a product that targets the pest and in conjunction with this treatment, relies on the customer cleaning off or washing off old webs around the house once it has been treated by a Technician.

(Gerozisis & Hadlington, 1995)

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