Their wide distribution and close association with people have given the ‘cockroach’ a very high pest status in most parts of the world. The most common species in Australia are the Australian Cockroach, American Cockroach and German Cockroach.

Cockroaches may contaminate food products, utensils and various areas with droppings, case skins, empty egg cases, dead cockroaches and vomit marks on surfaces. Some people are allergic to cockroaches.

Extracts of cockroaches can bring about positive skin reactions in sensitive people and may cause an asthma attack in asthmatics. The allergen may be ingested where foods are contaminated with faeces or inhaled when dried faeces becomes a part of house dust.

Effective control of cockroaches in and around buildings relies on the application by a Pest Control Technician of a product that targets the pest and in conjunction with this treatment, relies on a good level of sanitation and hygiene, which will reduce the food and shelter that facilitate the population growth of this pest.

(Gerozisis & Hadlington, 1995)

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