There are known cases of ants mechanically carrying disease organisms causing dysentery, smallpox and a variety of pathogenic bacteria, including salmonella.

In Australia there are approximately 3000 species of ants. Ants are often regarded as ‘nuisance’ pests in and around buildings. Small mounds resulting from their excavations and the trailing nature of the ants themselves are considered unsightly and disturbing.

In addition to the health threat posed and nuisance aspect, some ants bite or sting humans. Ants are common domestic and commercial pests as they are in close proximity to humans as they scavenge in kitchens and other food handling areas.

Effective control of ants in and around buildings may involve a Pest Control technician directly treating the nesting site of the ant colony and/or the application of a product to target the trailing ants. This treatment works inconjunction with a good state of hygiene and sanitation as all work areas within the premises should be kept free of food particles as this influences the likelihood of infestation by scavenging ants.

(Gerozisis & Hadlington, 1995)

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